Week 5: Characters/Sounds

Hi there,

after two weeks of rather lazy development we did manage to accomplish some progress in the last days, mainly in the area of character design and sound editing. As our game will play for the most part in darkness – we still haven´t decided if we go with complete darkness or with some minimal light effects (we have the framework ready for it but if it makes gameplay wise we will see later) – we want to use the sound the foot steps of our character makes on different floor undergrounds to give the player hints where he is located in a level in order not to hit an obstacle.

For the audio effects creation I am using the free http://www.wavosaur.com/ tool which is small and really easy to use. So far my process is that I search free sounds from http://www.freesound.org and then edit them in the wavsour tool.

Mariana our lead artist send us our first look at one of our main characters in the game this week too, so please have a sneak peek in it´s full glory here. I am sure it will change a bit over the course of some more art iterations but so far that is the style we are aiming for. You can find out more about her previous and current work on  http://www.queennanadesign.com/.


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