Week 1: Prototype/Story

Hi there,

here you can find the prototype I used to pitch my game idea to my team :) … just download, unzip and then doubleclick the jar (you need Java to run it): Panpipe Ninja

Controlls are: A-W-S-D for moving, R is to start again

Your goal is to get to the room exit on right lower corner without hitting one of the boxes … beware this is an verrryyyy early prototype so you can go through walls :P

Enjoy! Let me know what you think …

[Sound, music and sprites is taken from http://www.freesound.org/ and http://opengameart.org/ - Song by elerya http://opengameart.org/content/asian-duet]


Week 1 Update:

Just a quick update on our progress so far. Our basic architecture is done at least for our alpha version that we hope to finish by the end of this month. But for now I want to share a bit of the work I did for structuring the levels of the game and also the gameflow in general – sorry for the low resolution but I don´t want to spoil any of the game story :) … it´s all done in Excel although I know there is dedicated software for it but it is a bit expensive :P


The green boxes are major and minor characters, the light blue box are locations, the orange ones are cute scenes and the dark blue one are the individual levels. I think in this way you can get a quite good impression about the overall gameflow.

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