Panpipe Ninjas

Hi there,

this is the place to be when you want to know more about the game project “The 36 Chambers of the Panpipe Ninjas” I am involved in for the MyFOG 2013 series – see also or  join their Facebook group for it for more information on it.

Soon there will be more information on our process but here is a start :)

Some personal background: we are four and a half people in total, my brother (Christian – Art, Programming), a friend (Steve – Programming), another friend (Peter – consulting, the half one :P ) my girlfriend (Ms. X – Motivation, Story, Translation) and me (Sebastian – Programming, Story) who are developing this game in our spare time between work and private life … so please be a bit more patient with updates and such ;) … as the MyFOG 2013 series runs for 6 weeks we will try to have a playable version of our game ready at the end of it :D

Some technical background: We are only using free tools/frameworks to develop our game. We use libgdx (plus extensions) as our basic framework, as our code repository tool and Tiled as our map/level editor. Skype is our weapon of choice for our weekly team meetings as we are currently not living in the same city (or continent).

Although it doesn´t contain so much information at this point in time, you can get an early idea of our game in our design document: The 36 Chambers of the Panpipe Ninjas

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