Interesting Book Project

I have always been a fan of books and Japanese video games, so that might the perfect project to back :) … for you too?

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2013 Internet Trends

Just read that on Venturebeat, slides can be seen here:

On the rivalry between iOS and Android: “We had Lakers vs. the Celtics back in the day. Now we have Apple vs. Google.”

Fitness data: ”If you think there’s a big market that needs to be changed … behavior is the biggest driver of premature death. There’s a reason why people want to use this data to improve their health.”

On sharing: “Americans are huge underachievers.” While 24 percent of the world shares “most or everything” they do online, only 14 percent of Americans do.

On terrorism: “I’m on the cusp of believing the world will be safer than ever, but it will not be a straight path.”

Mobile web access: It is surpassing PC access around the world, including in China and South Korea.

On Facebook: Facebook revenue and mobile users continue to grow. The average revenue per user (ARPU) has been declining for desktop users on Facebook, but rising mobile ARPU has offset that decline.

Smartphone market penetration: It’s high. But: “Still a lot of upside for smartphone growth.”

On tablets: In less than three years, tablet shipments surpassed PCs and notebooks in the 4th quarter.

On wearable technology: “The average person reaches for his or her smartphone 150 times a day. What if you didn’t have to?”

New categories of gadgets: “Drivables” (cars and car tech), “Flyables” (drones), and “scannanbles” (QR codes). In China, you can follow the U.K. embassy by scanning a giant QR code on the security wall outside the building. QR code scanning has increased four times year-over-year in China.

On China: Lots of growth in China. For the first time, there are more iOS and Android users in China than in the U.S. (as of the 4th quarter). Many sites are benefiting from the growth.

On global GPD: There’s a really interesting slide showing various regions’ share of global GDP from 1820 to today. China is growing rapidly and currently is at 15 percent (almost matching Europe, which has 16 percent).

On young people: “We actually believe this generation is a little bit different. … We’ve never seen so many people turning their passions into businesses.” One example is Otis Chandler at Goodreads.

On immigration: America has a shortage of high-skilled STEM workers, and we need more to remain competitive. “The global environment for recruiting high-skilled STEM workers is likely to get a lot more competitive.” Sixty percent of top 25 tech companies were founded by immigrants. We’re educating more people (with more student visas) but sending more of them home after they graduate.”

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MoMA with Video Games

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Women inside Video Games

Quite interesting documentary series about the role of female characters in video games:

See the second episode here.

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OUYA first game play impression …

I will write a first review soon but here are some more photos first:

20130528_103420 20130528_103523 20130528_104306 20130528_104538 20130528_104603 20130528_104614 20130528_104630 20130528_104722 20130528_105010

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OUYA unboxing

I always wanted to make an unboxing video although I think they are the most boring things to watch :P … at least here are some photos ;)

20130528_090424 20130528_090701 20130528_090733 20130528_090747 20130528_090807 20130528_090826 20130528_090839 20130528_090852

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OUYA is coming :)

Today I got an email that finally my OUYA is arriving at my door tomorrow (hopefully) … YEAHHHHH

For those of who don´t know what OUYA means, please check and see this photo – basically it is an Android powered open-source game console for 99$:


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Funny XBOX ONE talk

Hehehe, enjoy:

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Alive and growing

Yeah my site is live and I will add more content the coming days/month and years :)

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