Here you can find out all about the games I was part of the design/development/management team in the past years – all of these games except for Leinen Los! are research prototypes so far:

Indie period (2013-present)

The 36 Chambers of the Panpipe Ninjas

NEC CCII period (2011/12):


The Geogames period (2004-2010):

CityPokerGeoTicTacToeCityExplorer (was part of my PhD thesis), Leinen Los! (is part of the FluPa-Guide a GPS-enabled tourist guide), CitySnake

For more information about the Geogames project please also visit: or see this flyer from an earlier time (around 2007) …

Aktuell_Flyer_allgemein_geogames_eng_Seite_1    Aktuell_Flyer_allgemein_geogames_eng_Seite_2

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