Broken Age Review (8.5 out of 10)

Ok first I have to admit that this is my first review of any game also I have played a lot :P , so don´t expect too much and I am also not quite sure which form to choose for it so I will do it as a living review in the ay that I will update this post from time to time. So enough of the talk let´s go to work:

As some of you already have guessed I have fond feelings for adventures of Tim Schäfer and Ron Gilbert (mostly for the Monkey Island series) and when I heard about the Kickstarter for their new project I backed it instantly – plus I finally wanted to get a reall insight into the development of a bigger game project. And I have to say, it was worth the wait of around two years :) and a huge part was indeed the documentary of the development process. Indeed I wouldn´t have even needed the game … nah just kidding ;)

Whoever wants a taste of the documentary watch the videos about the Amnesia Fortnight (see for a taste and if you have the chance to see them later – I am not sure if Doublefine wants to release them on DVD or as download at some point after Episode 2 is out – DO IT!

But now finally to the game. Bascially it plays like walking throw a beautiful painting and that is no accident as Tim Schäfers intend was to make the game look and feel like an actual painting from Nathan Stapley (always called “Bagel” in the documentary). And it works, the game looks gorgeous.

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