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A while ago I read the following very cool comments on an article about the game Erthbound about memories that you have with games that you played then you were young.

It also reminded me of my first game session back when I was maybe 10-12, actually I cannot remember the exact age anymore – which means I am getting old I guess :P … my parents bought me and my brother are shiny 086 computer with 4Mhz computing power with a 5 1/4 disk drive – yeah the big black thin ones. Still not sure why our parents bought us one but thanks for doing so :D … Some of our friends had an Amiga at that time and sometimes we played – or better watched him play – the orginial Pirates! from Sid Meier. And as our first game we also really wanted that game. I am not exactly sure what happened but without knowing – I think we just saw some pirates on the cover – we ended with Monkey Island instead of Pirates! :) … so we installed it – I think it were 10 disks or something – used the very cool anti-pirating code disk to input a random number to prove that we bought the game and then sat there wondering when we could finally controll our ship XD

Thinking about it makes me laugh, two small boys awaiting some ship battles but having to solve weird puzzles … but we really liked it and our friend with the Amiga also came over regularly to help us with the puzzles. So the three of us sat there before the screen and whoever had an idea for a puzzle did grap the mouse and tried it. Looking back it was one of the most memorable memories I have about gaming …

And yes eventually we did get Pirates! for our PC but after Monkey Island it was just not so interessting anymore ;)

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