XBox One vs. PS4 – so what is next gen again?

Much has been written about the battle between Sony and Microsoft at the E3. Personally I have never seen a press conference at E3 – and with 34 years I have seen a lot of them – where one platform holder had such a positive reaction to his presentation as Sony had. And as others already said it was much more Microsoft foult than Sonys content. Basically they said we do it as before on PS3 and that was enough :P … All in all I think Microsoft just like with Windows 8 wants too much too fast.

Don´t get me wrong from a business point it makes sense for Microsoft to focus on the largest gaming market which is the US with the Xbox One and it´s TV features but for the rest of the world those either will be available very late and limited or not at all. Also in Japan Microsoft in non-existent - and I lived there for one year, so I have seen it with my own eyes – and that will not chance with Xbox One, not a chance. Japanese gamers just like Japanese games, simple as that and this time Microsft is not even trying to have a something like Blue Dragon on Xbox One – well at least not at launch. And also Japanese people like Japanese products but that is for another post.

My biggest concern with both conferences MS and Sony was the lack of truly new gameplay ideas that really showcase why this gen is the “next” gen. MS is stressing the cloud and how much processing power it gives the developers but fails again to see that most of the people outside of the US don´t have a very good internet connection that I guess will be essential for that feature. I know the future is in the cloud but I think it is still around two to three years away. I think that is the biggest problem for MS, they want to sell something now that most of the costumers outside of the US care maybe in a few years.

Sony on the other hand is just delivering a better version of the same as before, just cheaper as MS. And that is enough for the core at least.

But what about the games. Sadely so far I have only seen the same as before and most of the times it doesn´t even look better than today on PC. So what exactly is next gen? HD graphics? Done before. Open Worlds? Done before. Massively Multiplayer? Done before. Social? Done before.

Hmmmm …

I must admit I have a soft spot for Nintendo (I love Zelda) but at least they try to find some new forms of gaming with their second screen. Sadly it´s not so innovative as before with the Wii motion controlls so they are not selling as much systems but I think with the right games they will.

Let me know what you think …

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