Interesting Book Project

I have always been a fan of books and Japanese video games, so that might the perfect project to back … for you too?

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2013 Internet Trends

Just read that on Venturebeat, slides can be seen here: “On the rivalry between iOS and Android: “We had Lakers vs. the Celtics back in the day. Now we have Apple vs. Google.” Fitness data: ”If you think there’s a big market

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MoMA with Video Games

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Women inside Video Games

Quite interesting documentary series about the role of female characters in video games: See the second episode here.

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OUYA first game play impression …

I will write a first review soon but here are some more photos first:

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OUYA unboxing

I always wanted to make an unboxing video although I think they are the most boring things to watch … at least here are some photos

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OUYA is coming :)

Today I got an email that finally my OUYA is arriving at my door tomorrow (hopefully) … YEAHHHHH For those of who don´t know what OUYA means, please check and see this photo – basically it is an Android powered open-source

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Funny XBOX ONE talk

Hehehe, enjoy:

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Alive and growing

Yeah my site is live and I will add more content the coming days/month and years

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