Top 5 List of Game Documentaries

Today I wanna present a short list of game documentaries that I have watched – and some backed on Kickstarter – over the last few years. At a later stage I will also write some personal opinions about them but

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Game Contest

Hi there, just wanted to get the word out that I will take part in the game design contest. It is sponsored by the RPGMaker company and runs from the 29th of May to the 30th of June. There is also

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Games as Art

I ill try to start a new series where I try to find and collect games that can be seen as works of art – I know I know it is long discussion (which I also wanna try to find

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Broken Age Review (8.5 out of 10)

Ok first I have to admit that this is my first review of any game also I have played a lot , so don´t expect too much and I am also not quite sure which form to choose for it

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I love video game development documentaries :)

Also I am not yet a backer of the Kickstarter project for this one (Mighty No. 9) I always like to watch these kind of documentaries. I have access to the Doublefine One already and also watched “Indie Game: The

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Finally: True Cross-Platform Play

Finally someone has made it possible and that is what for me defines next gen: true cross-platform play … I hope Destiny delievers in that regard too

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Gaming Memories

A while ago I read the following very cool comments on an article about the game Erthbound about memories that you have with games that you played then you were young. It also reminded me of my first game

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Interesting take on the Video Game Rating System

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XBox One vs. PS4 – so what is next gen again?

Much has been written about the battle between Sony and Microsoft at the E3. Personally I have never seen a press conference at E3 – and with 34 years I have seen a lot of them – where one platform

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Indie Development on Next Gen

There is a very good article about indie development from the folks at VG247 … I am also planing to write a piece about E3 and X1 vs. PS4 on the weekend but until then it is a good start

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