Hi my name is Sebastian Matyas and I am software developer and game designer by heart. Starting when I was a research assistant at the University of Bamberg I worked on many different games over the past years. All of them were in one way or the other related to the real world through the use of GPS devices, therefore there name: location-based games. Please feel free to comment on each one of them and let me know what you think!


None of the games mentioned on my site would have ben possible without the great support and help from the following persons:

Peter Kiefer (Geogames/CitySnake/Leinen Los! team)
Prof. Christopf Schlieder (Geogames/Leinen Los! team)
Christian Matyas (CityExplorer team)
Neil Crossley and Steve Seypt (CityExplorer, Leinen Los! team)
Maiko Kamata (CityExplorer team)
Hiroko Mitarai (CityExplorer team)
Peter Wullinger (CityExplorer team)
Christine Wang (Kokochi team)
Mariana Irigaray (Kokochi team)
Daishi Kato, Takao Shime, Kazuo Kunieda and Keiji Yamada (Kokochi team)

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